enovitis consultors

Enovitis is a viticulture and enology consultancy that offers its services to small and innovative projects with the desire to design wines that surprise the consumer. They are characterized by their proximity and accessibility through technology and digital platforms, which allow them to provide the client with a fast and functional communication channel that complements the traditional guidance.

From the studio we developed the brand’s image and its responsive website. We generated an identity that connects the world of oenology with viticulture and sustainability, so that it feels familiar to the clients by connecting it to their profession.

The brand chromatically differentiates its two areas of activity, associating brick red to oenology and mint green to viticulture. As a detail, the shapes in the letters "e" and "v" create a subtle effect, reminiscent of the tendrils of the grapes.

The identity is also adapted to its two sub-brands, Enovitis Smartwines and Enovitis Distribution, which are in charge of developing their own wine projects and distributing them, as well as those of other clients.

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