We present MMMMagazine, a biannual publication by MMMM studio.

We have published three issues so far: "en espera" (something akin to "on hold"), "al vacío" (difficult to translate; could include a leap of faith, the void, or vacuum packing) and "ardiendo" (on fire). They include all kinds of content, from work processes to opinion articles, interviews, recommendations, poems, games and drawings of dreams.

We decided to start editing this zine at a time of waiting, having some commissions paused, others already finished and others yet to come. It led to a publication that, taking advantage of that spare time, would give us a space to share our projects, interests and our particular point of view.  

The result is a fanzine made during breaks that explores topics we're interested in, such as those same moments of waiting, and that also serves as an excuse for us to create and play freely. We enjoyed it a lot, we hope you’ll enjoy it too! 

You can download them below free of charge, and if you were interested in buying it physically we have some copies (A5, 6€ pick up or 10€ shipping).


Issue #1 - En espera


Issue #2 - Al vacío


Issue #3 - Ardiendo