Eva Serra Comunica

Eva Serra, besides being a friend of the studio, is an expert in communication and branding. She came to us because she needed a brand that encompassed her three areas of action: consulting, mentoring and training. Say no more, Eva!

In Spanish, the three words that define her specialties contain an "a", the first letter of the alphabet, the beginning of everything, which is also present in her first and last name. So to create her identity we played with the vowel, defining three colors (one for each area) and giving life from its gestural stroke to a whole universe of shapes and icons to accompany her communication.

The combinations that this allows are found in the various applications, from stationery and social media posts to her website (programmed by Croma Multimèdia), as well as her podcast full of power "Eres lo que callas" (You are what you don’t say). Don't miss it!