Festa Major Vilafranca 2021

The “Festa Major de Vilafranca del Penedès”, Vilafranca’s local festivity, declared of national interest for the conservation of its folklore and cultural wealth, begins on August 29th and does not stop until September 2nd, with its culminating point on the 30th, the day of Saint Felix, the town’s co-patron.

Every year a team of five people, the administrators, organize the big party, and every year a totally new graphic image is also generated to frame it. In 2021 we had the pleasure of creating for the second time all the graphics for the Festa Major and its applications, such as merchandising, the mobile app, posters and a long etcetera.

The 2021 proposal was marked by a complicated context, and called for the search for its most essential aspects: those that, at all costs, could not be missing. This is how the four main elements of the celebration came out: joy, family, movement and reunion.

Paying tribute to the scientific language in a festive and colorful way, these components take shape and become cells, molecules and tissues that intertwine just like the dances, the "castellers" and the rest of the actors of the festival.

This DNA of the Festa Major is mainly reflected in the logo, based on the periodic table, and in the program, inspired by high school science books. The section of the @fmvilafranca ’s “seguici” stands out the most, with all the contents and illustrations created from scratch to connect local folklore with diverse scientific knowledge in a didactic and fun way.