In the studio some of our key values are color, humor and fun. They are reflected in "Fresquitos", a summer campaign where we talked about our experience as designers through the typical ice cream poster. It represents six types of customers that can exist within our sector, both the most grateful and the most tragic, always from a humoristic approach.

Polo prisas (Popsicle in a hurry): I need it yesterday.

Fantasma Split (Phantom Split): I’d like this one, or that one… Let me think about it.

Chupa Sangre (Blood Sucker): This one's on the house, right? We're buddies!

Rata almendrada (Almond Rat): Less almonds and more ice cream; the budget is tight.

Cono sin fin (Endless Cone): I like it, but could we try something else?

Copa Fantasía (Fantasy Sundae): And put everything in it, we’re on a spending spree!

The project included namings, logos and the creation of each ice cream with interventions in plasticine, in addition to the art direction and the subsequent development of the poster. A fun and critical campaign in which we tasted lots of ice cream.