I TANT wines

"I TANT" (of course) is the Catalan expression used to reaffirm and corroborate what another person just said.

"I TANT WINES" aims to offer a selection of wines from our land, made only from native varieties, which aspire to be a reflection of the landscape of our wine-growing areas. Hence,  when you taste them, you will exclaim: "of course it's a Montsant Grenache!”.

We were asked to redesign the labels for the three varieties of wine; white, red and rosé. The previous design already played with the flower tile from Barcelona, and they wanted to keep the same essence: an authentic wine, just like the city of Barcelona and its history. In the new interpretation we stylized the typography and simplified the tile, becoming a single image instead of a repetition. That is how we gained more elegance and a greater brand impact.