Tot Formatge

We close 2022 with one of the most fun campaigns we have done so far. It is an initiative for Tot Formatge, a long-established family business dedicated to the wholesale of European dairy products with an exceptional selection of cheeses.

When the Cabestany sisters asked us to create a campaign to publicise not only their products but also the company's close and personal nature, we considered different possibilities. The matter was decided when we discovered that, some time ago, they had decorated window displays with cheeses and characters, creating landscapes and atmospheres that attracted attention. Encouraged by the idea and ready to take it up again, we started to imagine scenes and to look for the most suitable products among the catalogue for the campaign "A cheese for every moment".

In it, through posters and publications on social networks, different situations are shown (work in the countryside, camping in the mountains, a climbing excursion and a snowball fight) where cheese is the context. We loved doing this campaign and, of course, tasting your amazing cheeses - thank you very much, Carme and Gemma!