Santa Anna 2022

The image for El Vendrell’s local festivity is based on the slogan of the 2022 edition, “Peta-ho!" (something like “bring the house down”). Such expression is placed as the central element of the campaign, brutal and blunt, to make it clear at first glance that the time has finally come for a maximalist party.

The graphic aspects get inspiration from the ideas associated with “petar-ho": onomatopoeias, noise, explosions, movement, the pieces and parts that remain after the breakage and the possibility of reassembling them, obtaining a new appearance. From these resources get extracted, such as cut-outs and strong shapes, impact typography and bright colors, which evoke celebration.

The resulting posters take these pieces and compose them creating a whole series of variations on the expression "peta-ho", as many as days the party lasts. Thus irregular and spontaneous shapes come together in different combinations, creating explosive visuals of large format. The festive touch is provided on the one hand by the colors, varied and vibrant, and on the other by the illustrated interventions, which explain the festivity through music, laughter and special moments.

By using these elements a coherent and recognizable graphic language is created, while at the same time allowing it to be applied in a unique way on each occasion. Dynamic and flexible, it adapts to the hand program, the social media posts, the merchandising, the posters and any other possible needs that arise in order to reflect a diverse, playful and memorable Festa Major.